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Flying Off The Shelves: Action Comics #1000 To The Rescue

Flying Off The Shelves: Action Comics #1000 To The Rescue    by The Comic Book Pusher   Greetings, comics fans!

   As I write this it's new comic book day, Wednesday, April 18th, about 2:15 p.m. I've been watching the throngs of, as Stan Lee would say, "True Believers" file into The Comics Club and move down the isles grabbing copies of the new issues that just hit the stands. But for the most part, these believers aren't grabbing Marvel comic books. What they are grabbing are multiple copies of Action Comics #1000 with it's various decade-oriented variant covers at $7.99 a pop.
   After struggling for more than a year of declining Marvel comic book sales, (falling off a proverbial cliff would be more accurate), to suffering through the 2017 holiday sales period that, for many of us brick and mortar stores, suffered from a severe case of internetitis, it was a thrill and a joy over the past month watching the pre-orders of AC #1000 and the "…
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Special Guest Blogger: Richard Lee Byers

A Note From The Comic Book Pusher:Richard Lee Byers is a lifelong comics fan, a good friend of The Comics Club, and the author of more than thirty fantasy and horror novels, including a number set in the Forgotten Realms universe and the X-Men novel Soul Killer. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazinesand anthologies Bad Dadsby Richard Lee ByersI liked everything about the new Thor movie, including the fact that the plot was based on father-son conflict. As fans know, this has often been a crucial story element in the comic. I was bemused, though, that Thor starts out reckless, immature, and irresponsible while Odin is compassionate and wise throughout (although his wisdom doesn’t keep Loki from getting up to shenanigans.) Don’t get me wrong; in the movie, this works great. In the comics, though, it’s often been Thor who’s noble and Odin who’s a douche bag, arrogant, blind, and impossible to please, perpetually pissed off that his son loves a mort…

We Interrupt This Blog For Yet Another Shameless Plug: Princessitude!

Greetings comic fans!   I promise to get back to "How On Krypton Did I Get Here" soon, but in the meantime I wanted to brag a little about Princessitude!, our line of merchandise for princesses of all ages.
   A little while back, just before all sorts of personal roadblocks distracted me from this blog, CafePress featured our Princessitude! store in its Shopkeeper Spotlight. Here's the link:
   We'd love for you to take a moment and have a look, and while your at it, check out all the new designs at our Princessitude! store.
   One more plug: the good folks at unbrokenDial Productions have been filming a comedy web series at The Comics Club's retail store in Brandon, Florida. It has been a pleasure being the setting for this very fun and funny show about a young man's nerdy journey to find true love. Episode 1 - Elephantman, is up and running on Youtube, so please have a look. Here's the link: http://www.y…

Please Enjoy the Music While We Adjust Our Personal Lives

Dear Loyal Readers,

Sometimes life requires a little more of our time than we would like. That goes for yours truly as well. Illness in my family, moving (a personal move, not the business), and a few other personal obligations will keep me from the regular blog for a couple of weeks (at least). In the meantime, enjoy the music of your life, and the "fillers" here at Confessions until things get back to "normal" (whatever that might be).
   Happy trails,

   The Comic Book Pusher

This wonderful bit of animation comes via my good friend Jonathan Douglas, who, like a Mighty Hero of Legend, entered my life and added great wonders and adventures beyond the experience of mere mortals. I'll tell you more about Jon and his amazing talents in future blogs. In the meantime, enjoy the music, and the animation. -- The Comic Book Pusher

How On Krypton Did I Get Here? Part Six: "This Place Rocks!" -- The "Cheers" of Comic Book Stores

By The Comic Book Pusher

I launched the retail operations of The Comics Club in August 1994 with lots of fanfare and fun, but the months and weeks leading up to the grand opening were quite a challenge. I had other career options to consider, but none of them were as sexy as the idea of running a full-time retail business.
   One of those options was continuing my journalism career as a writer for Entertainment Retailer, a new publication being launched for retailers by the good people at Wizard Entertainment. You may have heard of another magazine they publish:Wizard: The Magazine of Comics, Entertainment and Pop Culture.
I had been in contact with Joe Yanarella, who at the time was the managing editor at Wizard, about a series of articles I had proposed for Entertainment Retailer. As fate would have it, just after Joe contacted me with the go-ahead to write the articles, I signed a three-year lease on the space for The Comics Club's new retail store. I contacted Joe, explaining th…